Fee Schedule

Updated on 1 Jan. 2023

TypeDescription RateExplanation
ImportManifest Processing fee (DOI)MMK 50,000/BLFor import manifest processing and  customs declaration
ExportBooking Amendment Fee (before vessel departure)MMK  15,000/BookingFor the substantial changes of booking which require more time to get them done, including but not limited to the following elements:
1. Feeder vessel
2. Destination 
3. Cargo Nature
Fee (after vessel departure)
MMK  50,000/BookingCharged for amendment of the following information after vessel departure due to significant works are involved:
1. Reefer Temperature
2. Cargo Nature
ExportLate  Booking FeeMMK 50,000/BookingCharged for last minute booking when booking space within two days ahead of vessel arrival.
ExportBooking Cancellation FeeMMK 15,000/BKG or  MMK 20,000/Unit1. Beyond 5 working days from ATD (ATD-Cancelation Date – Weekends & Holidays > 5): MMK 15,000/Booking
2. Within 5 working days from ATD (ATD-Cancelation Date – Weekends & Holidays <= 5): MMK 20,000/Unit (updated on 21 Nov 2023)
ExportContainer Cross-using FeeMMK 50,000/BLWhen a container is loaded under a booking other than the container(s) is originally released for.
ExportLate VGM FeeMMK 15,000/BLCharged for extra  processing due to late submission of VGM, i.e. late than 5pm, 2 working days before vessel departure.
ExportDocumentation Fee (DOC)MMK 50,000/BLCharged for BL preparation and export manifest submission
ExportLate Shipping Note FeeMMK 50,000/BLCharged if Shipping Note/SI is submitted after 5pm of the day of vessel departure (working day).
ExportB/L Amendment FeeUSD140/time(EU/USA)
USD 100/time (Other Trade)
Charged for B/L amendment.
4 days after vessel Departure
ExportLate Payment FeeMMK 50,000/BLFailed to make payment within two weeks of vessel
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